StarGate Prototype: Part 2

It is my hope that one day I get to travel through a stargate, but until I get that opportunity, I will keep building models. For this episode of blog land, I am presenting an updated model of the work. It includes a lot more detail. Textures  have been added to most objects that are currently present. Here is an animation featuring the old model … Continue reading StarGate Prototype: Part 2

StarGate Prototype: Part 1

At this particular time, the holidays has driven me to more solitary activities. For my sanity, I must forget about all those Christmas themed movies. You invest hours into watching people admit they don’t love each other, until the very last 5 minutes. We need more shows like StarGate. Interstellar travel and intergalactic battles, now that is TV. Paying homage to this, I decided to … Continue reading StarGate Prototype: Part 1

Person Added To Scene [see the growing sphere and camera]

Dine With Friends (Export to HTML Rendering)

Epic export work was done when I transformed the Blender model of the Dine With Friends scene to an HTML file. How did I do this? I am glad you asked. Our friends at Blend4Web created a plugin that can export your blender file into an HTML file. This means you can run your game or animation in your web browser. Go download it at … Continue reading Dine With Friends (Export to HTML Rendering)

Person Added To Scene [see the growing sphere and camera]

Blender Modeling: Dining with Friends (Part II)

  Today was a day full of development and candor. Pouring all my creativity into this Dining with Friends application, I find myself enjoying the learning process. Enough of that. This time around I put a character in the scene and ran a test version. To do this I: Added a sphere into the scene and scaled as appropriate Added a new camera to the … Continue reading Blender Modeling: Dining with Friends (Part II)

Splash Screen For Step Now application

MS App :StepNow in C# (I)

I was about to create the Step Now app for the Android platform, but then I suddenly remembered I have neglected Microsoft Applications. Immediately tossing the phone away, I quickly ran to the desktop computer to start the coding journey. Okay. Remember from the last blog entry, the application was being prepared for an Android platform: Since I have not really used Visual Studio and … Continue reading MS App :StepNow in C# (I)

Step Now Web application planning on a whiteboard

Whiteboard: Step App

The latest venture is developing my own application to track the amount of steps I climb everyday. Why? Because everyone should create their own applications. Building is learning, and learning is fantastic. Did I start coding the application? No. I got out a whiteboard, and starting drawing. I drew like I never drew before. Boxes, circles, and images, oh my. In the quick application, I … Continue reading Whiteboard: Step App

Blender Modeling: Dine With Friends (Part I)

Taking a break from JavaScript, I decided to revisit Blender. It has been a while since I have worked in the interface, and I had to get back up to speed.  A quick online search, and I was able to relearn navigating the interface, subdividing a mesh, and applying materials and textures to a mesh. Yesterday, I drew a basic design of the restaurant model. … Continue reading Blender Modeling: Dine With Friends (Part I)