Step Now Web application planning on a whiteboard

Whiteboard: Step App

The latest venture is developing my own application to track the amount of steps I climb everyday. Why? Because everyone should create their own applications. Building is learning, and learning is fantastic. Did I start coding the application? No. I got out a whiteboard, and starting drawing. I drew like I never drew before. Boxes, circles, and images, oh my. In the quick application, I … Continue reading Whiteboard: Step App

Blender Modeling: Dine With Friends (Part I)

Taking a break from JavaScript, I decided to revisit Blender. It has been a while since I have worked in the interface, and I had to get back up to speed.  A quick online search, and I was able to relearn navigating the interface, subdividing a mesh, and applying materials and textures to a mesh. Yesterday, I drew a basic design of the restaurant model. … Continue reading Blender Modeling: Dine With Friends (Part I)

Image of an island

Island Weather

Unfortunately, hurricanes have been a big topic in North America. Since I was thinking about hurricanes, I decided to create a little animation. Demo Page GitHub Code This example uses setInterval and clearInterval. The island image is actually a background image attached to the body of the html document. body {background: url(‘img/Island_Weather.png’)}; The hurricane is just an animation. var c = document.getElementById(“boundedBox”); var ctx = … Continue reading Island Weather


Building a Concept: Skateboarder

Building upon the previous examples, I am now moving towards building a little game. The game is simple. It will be a skateboard going up and down the slope and scoring points based on stunts. I am not that far yet. To start, I replaced the moving circle with the skateboard. Next, I modified the code to allow the user to move the skateboarder up … Continue reading Building a Concept: Skateboarder

Inherently Human

Automation has become a big topic in the business world. Everyone acknowledges that automation can be beneficial. Robotics helps manufacturers to develop products quicker and with more consistency. In addition, we can offload dangerous tasks and prevent injuries. Dark Side Unfortunately, when a particular task is automated, people will more than likely lose their jobs. This is not good. Job loss does not just impact … Continue reading Inherently Human

Fun with Cordova (Part III) & Emulators

After all the coding, we get to a point that we need to test this application. Thankfully, Android Studio provides the tools to create emulators. To be frank, I did not think thoroughly about what device to use. In Android Studio, I clicked buttons, created an emulator, and started testing the app. cordova run android View the screenshots of the simple Cordova created app using … Continue reading Fun with Cordova (Part III) & Emulators